August 16, 2016


ClassMashal Model School is a non-profit, registered trust providing education and guidance to underprivileged children, both inside and outside the classroom. Today, it caters to well over 400 children 210 boys and 200 girls from various ethnic and social backgrounds and shelters them in an environment necessary for their rehabilitation and learning. It combines teaching with various activities that supplement their learning, and promises them the opportunity to grow as responsible, tolerant human beings.

The school relies entirely on funding from the local and diplomatic community. While the teachers are salaried we also benefit from volunteers with special skills to teach arts and crafts. The school provides uniforms, text books, stationery, shoes, bags, soap, tooth brushes and toothpastes as well as healthy weekly meals and basic medical care for the children. The School charges a Fee of Pak Rs. 50/- per child, in case of siblings Rs. 25.

In yearly audits which were done by an authorized federal accountant we have received tax payers registration certificate by the federal board of revenue with NTN 3928975-3.