About Us

Non-Profit Organization

Mashal is a self-funded school (i.e. registered trust), comprising of 860 children in classes ranging from nursery to class 10. The school consists of underprivileged children, the majority of whom have never been to school before. These children face hardships at home, as well as at work, when selling items such as flowers, shopping bags and sweets, and washing cars on the streets of Bari Imam. They have little choice, but to survive on their own in the company of gangs on the street. They are vulnerable to abuse and exploitations of all forms. Despite most of the children’s traumatic past experiences, through the assistance of Mashal School, they are able to overcome their inhibitions and eventually develop a sense of trust and dignity which allows them to finally live their lives as children and possess a deserved sense of belonging. 560 students have mainstreamed in Government schools due to Mashal’s efforts to date (2016).

Donate Now

For Donations and Sponsorships, you can directly deposit the amount in the following banks

For Pakistan:
Bank: JS Bank, Blue Area, Islamabad
Account Title: Mashal Trust
Account No. 0000281735
Account Title 2: Mashal Model School
Account No. 000155172

Help & Support

Make a donation in person by supplying goods for the school
New and Used Clothes
Food and Ongoing Needs
Medical Supplies
School Books/Stationary/Furniture
Students Uniforms


You can also volunteer for the school by teaching the students
Arranging games with them
Student activities
Clay/art work etc.

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