Mashal School

Main Streaming In To Government School

Till date we have prepared 780 children, and are doing very well. 400 girls and 380 boys who have actually sought admission in the government school.

Branch for girls

Branch for girls

Branch for girls in January 2016 most of our girls over 10 years of age started dropping out of school to accessibility and coeducation system in Mashal school, we initiated a new branch in for mohallah Aspilal which targets 5 different areas around which have no schools, this is only for girls and after class 5. We now have 328 children, 178 girls and 150 boy’s student in this branch.

New Branch

New Branch At H-9/2, Mashal – 4

The community members living in this Christen minority area were keen to initiate early child hood center (ECE) classes /Play group to nursery. This school starts in September 2016 in this urban slum area in H 9/2, behind Islamic university 200 children are enrolled who are benefitting from early child hood education so that they are prepared to start schooling at age 6. They are able to sought admission in class in government school.


Activities and Achievements of the School

Speed Literacy Classes

The children out of school who are in their teams need education in special programs. So, Mashal, in collaboration with Vision21 is working to help in making children literature within according to FDE curriculum one year’s time.
They have devised program which helps in making the child literate till Grade-5, then in 2 years to Matric classes, we have been implementing this program since June 2014.

Sewing Classes

For mothers have been on-going at Mashal. By bringing the community women together, a community forum has developed. Since 2008, 1030 women and girls have benefitted from these classes.

Physical Education

Is an important part of our curriculum? We provide sports equipment for playing football, cricket and badminton. We encourage both boys and girls to actively participate in these activities. In addition to the above extracurricular activities include crochet classes, arts and crafts workshops. Frequents excursions and fields trips are planned on a regular basis.

Computer Facilities

The school provided computer facilities to all children. This includes basic programming skills, teaching concepts through interactive games and word processing skills. Within the school we encourage our children to access our library facility, media center and science lab. This encourages and develops independent learning and enhances their knowledge.


We follow the National Scheme of Studies curriculum. Montessori material for early childhood education and (FDE). The medium of instruction is primarily English; however, the teachers communicate with the children in Urdu.
Speed literacy program for out of school children with comprehensive curriculum developed by vision 21 in collaboration with Mashal school.


All 48 teachers working at the school are educated from government schools are recruited from the same community so to better handle the children requirements and understand their needs. All teachers have attended educational workshops and are trained in their field on an yearly bases.

Initiation of Skill Training 

Skills Training Centers:

It is our endeavor to enable these children to achieve a better future by providing them with skills that will help them to earn a better living. We have already initiated sewing and computer classes for girls and boys however we would like to expand this into number of other skills as well for the year added as spoken English classes, computer and literacy classes for parents. We have at present 150 students enrolled.

  • Advance computer classes for teacher as well as for girls & boys. 60 student enrolled on a 3 monthly for boys and girls + teachers.
  • Sewing and zari work classes for the student &the community. 20student enrolled on a 3 monthly bases since sept 2016.
  • Carpentry classes with 20 student enrolled on a 3 monthly bases since sept 2016.